Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a cost effective alternative to many other types of flooring. It is made up primarily of MDF which itself is made from wood fibres derived from fresh and recycled sources bonded together with a Melamine resin, it also has 2 other important constituents, the photo effect layer which gives the laminate its design and most importantly the wear layer that takes all the abuse of day to day action but also it gives the laminate its sheen and surface texture. 

Fitting this product is very similar to fitting wood flooring with click locking mechanisms as it also needs at least a 10mm expansion gap on all edges usually covered with white primed scotia or skirting boards. 

Variety of colours & designs

Much like new vinyl products, laminate comes in a variety of colours and designs the main of which is either a wood effect plank or stone tile effect. 

Laminate is unsuitable for areas that receive high humidity or frequent surface water like bathrooms and kitchens; this is because the MDF fibres easily absorb water and expand. 
There are several good brands that have water resistant wear layers, but it is still a good rule of thumb to stay away from these areas.

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